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The Webster County Community Fund’s mission is to build and maintain a sustainable source of funds to serve the broad philanthropic needs of our county.

In simple language, we collect funds from generous donors and grant funds out to local charities who apply through grant applications.  Some of our funds also provide scholarships to local students.  In order to maintain a sustainable source of funds for current and future needs, we invest all donations and make grants and scholarships from the earnings on these investments.  The Webster County Communty Fund is a committee-advised fund operating under the umbrella of the Beckley Area Foundation, a 501(c)3 tax-exempt organization.  Beckley Area Foundation acts as our advisor, investment manager and auditor.  This affiliation allows us to keep operating expenses to a bare minimum.

The spirit of collaboration from volunteers all over Webster County brought encouragement from the Benedum Foundation to establish a community fund. Creation of the fund was undertaken by the Webster County Economic Development Authority and in 2004, the Webster County Community Fund became a reality with our first donation from the Webster County Commission. The Beckley Area Foundation manages the fund and we comply with all policies and procedures of the National Standards for Community Foundations. Through the Webster County Community Fund, people are able to create permanent endowments that will leave a legacy of caring to support charitable causes here in Webster County - where you live or have left your heart.



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