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What is a Community Foundation?
Community Foundations build and strengthen communities by making it possible for a wide range of donors to participate in creating permanent (and often named) funds to meet present and future needs.  The first community foundation was established in Cleveland in 1914. Today we join a field of more than 750 community foundations across the United States, with combined assets of over $60 billion. 

Why should I be a donor?
The Webster County Community Fund donors are people with a strong sense of community and personal commitment. Some donors want to support worthwhile causes in their communities, and the Community Fund can help them find the best way to commit their funds. Other donors appreciate the flexibility and ease of using the Community Fund. Because the legal apparatus is already in place, funds can be established in a very short time and obtain the greatest possible tax advantages.

Where do I mail contributions?
Tax deductible contributions can be made out to BAF/WCCF and mailed to: PO Box 11, Webster Springs, WV 26288. If you would like to direct your gift to a specific fund please write the name of the fund in the memo line.

Can I make donations online?
Yes!  Simply click on the DONATE button on the left of the screen to make a tax-deductible donation securely through Paypal.

Who establishes funds with the Webster County Community Fund?
Most funds are set up by individuals with a desire to give back to their community—whether it’s protecting the environment, honoring the memory of someone they loved, setting up a scholarship fund to help students in need, supporting local organizations or funding any other charitable cause imaginable.

How much do I need to contribute to create a fund?
Named funds require at least a $10,000 endowment gift. However, a fund can be started with as little as $2,000, with five years to build to $10,000.   This permits the donor to name the fund and designate the non-profit beneficiary of the fund.

What are the fees?
100% of all donations are paid into the designated fund.  However, the WCCF/BAF does assess a small administrative fee from the funds income to help offset administrative costs.

What kinds of assets can be used to set up a fund at the community foundation?
One of the distinct advantages of working with WCCF/BAF is our flexibility. As a general rule, a community foundation can accept any type of asset as long it is marketable and is not encumbered by an unusual liability. Most often, funds are started through a gift of cash, real estate or closely held stock—but we may accept gifts of artwork, intellectual property and other personal assets.

How is my privacy protected?
From time to time we send out information that we feel may be of interest to the recipient - such as our Annual Report. We do not rent, sell or trade our mailing lists. If you receive information from us and if at any time you wish to be removed from the WCCF mailing list, please contact us and we will gladly accommodate your request.

Donor Information & Anonymous Gifts
Our annual report includes specific details of all of our endowment funds and a list of contributors, namely, donors who made gifts to the WCCF or to one of its funds. The amount of a contribution is not disclosed. If you do not wish for your name to be included in this list, please contact us and we will gladly accommodate your request.

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